A Life Outside of Work—What’s That?

I’ve spoken to a lot of lawyers… I mean, a lot, a lot (they keep following me for some reason). Most of them have a pretty common thread aside from law— they work a lot more than the already too long 40 hour work week. Often, a minimum of 6 days and 80 hours, which seems… inconceivable. A half day means 
they only work 12 hours that day.  Yet, it’s what I hear all the time, and that was what my life looked 
like as well in 2015-18. But let’s get real… I hope you don’t want to spend your whole life that way.  It’s just not sustainable.

So No One Told You Life Was
Going To Be This Way

Please tell me you sung that title. Either way, it’s okay, I’ll be there for you.

Jokes aside, your life does NOT have to be this way. I know that because I’ve already found a happy balance between success and relaxation for myself and countless others. That being said, you’re a working professional like me, so maybe talking doesn’t mean much to you. That’s why, when you work  with me, we’ll come up with a personalized plan with actionable items based on concepts that have already been proven successful for others. Here are some examples of ways we might do that:

Why Trust Me?

Remember when I told you that my life was all work, misery, and debt in 2018? Well, here we are years later and I only work three days a week, run a firm that makes the amount of money I WANT to make, and that misery is lost in a galaxy far far away..

Not only did I find that work/life balance for myself, but now I’m taking those results and replicating the same success with other firm owners. Why shouldn’t you be the next successful lawyer working three days a week, spending the rest of your time sipping mai tais on a beach in Mexico?  Or binge watching Netflix?  Or playing golf with your biggest referral sources and having a blast?

Upgrade Your Life.

Okay, so this all sounds good, but nothing will change until something changes. The first important step was visiting this web page, so congrats! You’re already on the right track. The next crucial step is booking a consultation with me so we can come up 
with a plan that helps you run a business you can be proud of while living a life that’s even better.

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