Make Your event a blockbuster
(Not the video store)

Book me to speak! Not only am I a lawyer, firm owner, Times’ 2006 Man of the Year and Part Owner of the Green Bay Packers (and maybe one day a Scottish Lord with a star named after me), I’m an experienced public speaker with a passion for sharing what I’ve learned through the ups and downs of my journey. When you book me, you’re getting excitement, enthusiasm, and a love for what I do best—guiding people through the hard parts of business so they can run a firm they can be proud of while living a life that’s even better.  And the jokes are even better in person, I swear.

Now This Is Pod Racing

I mean… podcasting. Book me as a speaker on your podcast to take your audience to a galaxy far 
far away. Or, you know, to teach them important legal and business knowledge that is relevant in this galaxy.


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Come to the dark side we have cookies.

Do ittttt (in my best Emperor voice). Just kidding, I'm not a villain, but I am excited to teach the ways of the force — so book me to speak at your next event and I'll have people saying, "that was out of this world".

Ready to get started? Book Now!
Ready to get started? Book Now!