Learning At Your
Own Leisure

Sometimes, reclaiming your time and managing your schedule in a healthy way means not making unnecessary appointments. As a Hawaiian shirt and flip flop wearing lawyer with a cloud-based firm, I get it. That’s why I’ve created an extensive catalog of guides and webinars that you can view at your leisure. Learn whenever and however best suits you, and if you ever need more detailed and personalized advice, you can book an appointment with me.


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Solutions for Lawyers, By Lawyers

So, you spend 25 hours a day being a boss and handling everything on your own — great job, but sometimes that road is lonely. In any pursuit, having a community to connect with is an invaluable resource on your journey, both for advice and moral support. That's why I've created this group, a place where you can network, ask questions, and find support, all in a safe and comfortable space where kindness is abundant and building a successful practice is the goal.

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