Alfred to Your Batman: Get an Assistant 🎩

Even superheroes need a sidekick. If Batman has Alfred, why shouldn’t you have a trusty assistant? They can organize, manage, and fetch things for you, leaving you free to strategize your next big courtroom win.

Seriously, paying someone else $5, $15, $25 an hour to organize things in a way that saves you a few hours a week (when you can bill $200-$300 an hour) is a NO BRAINER.  AND it gives you more time to do the billable work (or the serious lawyer labor, etc).

And seriously, I SWEAR to you this is coming eventually.  I am still waiting on feedback from the first group of people I sent it to and then it will be ready to see the light of day.

Until next time, keep it nerdy!  And I will see you back here for the Losada Ratio and how it can make ALL the difference to your firm.

Life may not come with cheat codes like our favorite 90s video games, but by debunking the multitasking myth and replacing it with 5 ways to use time wisely, we can surely level up.

May your billable hours be many and your wasted attempts at multitasking myths be few! 🚀

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