Cracking the Social Media Code: Insights from a Seven-Figure Sales Journey - Part 2

Last week, I opened up about the importance of recognizing our limits of control, and setting the stage for a personal journey through my ups and downs in the world of social media. How I went from raking in seven figures in sales from social media to crashing like the Millennium Falcon hitting an asteroid..

So, let's pick up where we left off last week as I continue on sharing with you how I'm charting a new course to steer through the digital cosmos once more. Make sure you read the Part 1 from the previous week to ensure smooth continuity.

What To Post

Now that we know why (we are doing this) and who to write to...let's talk about WHAT to post.

Again...VERY basic.

Other things to post

• About Us: services, how to work with us, etc.
• Awards we win
• Events we have going on
• Meetings with doctors offices
• Networking meetings
• Thank you for gifts
• Articles we are quoted in
• Law changes
• Local Events
• Polls
      ⇒ What’s the worst intersection in your neighborhood and why?
      ⇒ What’s your biggest driving pet peeve?
      ⇒ What’s the craziest Florida man story you’ve heard?
      ⇒ Favorite type of blah on National blah blah day
      ⇒ Other poll ideas?

• National Blah Blah Blah days
• Holidays (consider skipping the normal post on real holidays)
• Share posts from our referral sources when they have cool events going on or won awards
• Day in the life
• Fun skits
• Come with me to (I don't even know what this is, but my team member who does our social media SWEARS by this...I have become the grandpa from Modern Family yelling at Alexa and asking why the coffee grinder is speaking to me)

These can be in addition to the posts above, or instead of, or you can prefer some of these options to those and use them instead as your baseline posting schedule. Think of it like a Tom Clancy novel (random terrorist group) takes over a/an (interesting location) and threatens to (do something bad) unless (something also bad happens) and then must be stopped by (insert special forces/hero character).

Your social media posting calendar is basically an adult madlib just like a Charcuterie board is just a lunchable for you.

The Jordan O Secret Sauce

Here is where I am REALLY proud of myself (which doesn't happen that often).

I made a google spreadsheet with all the content pillars as different tabs (PI topics/employee spotlights/testimonials/etc). Then on each tab you can find the topic, the link to the video and thumbnail, the blog post on our website about it, any other graphics we have on that topic, and a sample caption.

VOILA!!!! Find day and platform, click to document, grab something already done and post it.

RIP Matthew Perry but in Chandler Bing voice...could I BE making it any easier.

Where's the Catch?

It's not a trap I swear. It can be this easy.

I then have a checklist for what makes a good post on each platform.

For example:
How to make a post on Instagram

Does the look of the post match our brand colors?

Is it written in our brand voice?

Does it look like the quality of post we should be posting?

Did you tag anyone mentioned in the post?

Should this post be a collab with someone?

Did you use trending audio?

Did you find relevant hashtags?

Are there between 20 and 30 hashtags?

Did you use #drivenlaw

Is there a clear CTA?  

If not, why not?

Is there a story highlight this post should go under?

THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS. I will be honest, I know almost nothing about this I am following the lead of Kendra and then my team.

I am also following my teams lead for how they edit the videos with all the fancy b-roll and effects, and how my graphic designer makes stuff look super cool (but I will make sure it follows the brand guidelines).

Do I JUST Have to Post?

Well sure...but to see major results you need to be engaging (pun intended because of course it is...I am me).

So not only do you need to track the results of your posts and see which ones people love (look for the time of the post, the topic, the format, etc). Some people have an audience that loves high production value video...others are good with a thoughtful text post.

E.g. making the posts engaging

BUT need to engage with other posts/people/groups/etc to expand your reach.

This is where I think the live show had the BIGGEST impact because it was an easy way to get a lot of collaborative posts and sometimes we would even go live in another facebook group.

Try to find larger accounts in your industry, smaller up and coming ones, groups of your clients and referral sources, hashtags that your audience is following, etc.

Seriously though, an intern with a list of 50 accounts to follow and a handful of recommended comments can do wonders here. You DO look great. You DID deserve that award. This IS the way.

And Then What

Then you look at your #s climbing (or not) and use that to guide you on changes to what you're doing.

Best case scenario you will hire someone who knows what they're talking about internally or not and then can do a LOT better than I have outlined here (or really take this guidance but apply it to you and your firm better).

But until then...I don't know how to make this easier and if you do...PLEASE share it with the class. This is not a none for Gretchen Weiners situation. (I will say, the underrated part about getting older is that things I found funny 20 years ago get rebooted and I can make the same jokes again like that one). My only regret is that you get this on a Friday so I will not be wearing pink.

But I digress!

Upgrade Your Life.

Okay, so this all sounds good, but you’re wondering how to start making these changes. The first important step was visiting this web page, so congrats! You’re already on the right track. The next crucial step is booking a consulting appointment with me so we can come up with a plan and replicate the results of so many others before you.

You can book an appointment here. See you soon!

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