Eisenhower Matrix

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Ever felt like your business tasks rival the complex storylines of comic book multiverses?  Where the crossovers have crossovers and nothing makes sense anymore (like Obi-Wan not recognizing C3PO and R2D2 when Luke shows up with Leia’s message).  Don't worry. There's a legendary tool wielded by effective leaders like President Dwight Eisenhower designed to help you do less and get more important stuff done: The Eisenhower Matrix.

Inside the Eisenhower Matrix


Not Urgent


DO (Immediate action)

SCHEDULE (Strategic tasks)

Not Important

DELEGATE (Pass them on)

DELETE (Low value tasks)

This tool classifies tasks on a 2x2 grid, sorting them by their Urgency and Importance.

DO: The burning fires. The Judge needs you in court RIGHT NOW.  Your biggest client is coming into the office in 50 minutes to see a document that isn’t finished yet.  The Joker has everyone held hostage.

SCHEDULE: The training sessions, the system building, spending the time to automate things. They're like Batman's weight lifting regimen, vital but not immediately pressing right now, especially if he’s fighting bad guys already.

DELEGATE: Tasks that might not require your unique superhero skill-set. Perhaps the Bat computer (automation), Batgirl (delegation) or the Flash (outsourcing) can handle them?  You might still need to schedule time for you to get the task in a position to go to someone else.

DELETE: The tasks with the least impact on your firm.  The things we THINK we need to do to stay busy, but that don’t matter.  Writing your 17th point of contact email.  Going to that meeting at the organization that never sends you business and you hate going to, but feel obligated because EVERYONE will be there.  This is Batman stopping some random street mugging…it’s not NOTHING, but it’s close.

Unlocking the Matrix, Superhero Style

Step 1: Unmasking the Chaos – Create a comprehensive list of every task, no matter how minor. Get it all out there.

Step 2: Superpower Prioritization – Put each task onto the matrix.  If you’re not sure what is truly important…think about assigning an impact score (1-10) to each task, gauging its effect on your primary goals. Is it a Thanos-level threat or just a mischievous Loki prank?

Step 3: Time Turners – Gauge the time each task that you will do or schedule will actually take each week.  If you’re trying to work 32 hours a week you can probably DO 20 hours a week, schedule 5 and have 7 hours for emergencies and overages.  Does the amount of stuff you plan to handle yourself line up with your work week?  Or are you trying to be like the Blob and cram way too much in?

Step 4: 10/80/10 - how can you spend 10% of the time on a task, to let other people do the middle 80 and then you come in and finish it off?  For example, can you build a workflow for your demand letters (schedule), let other people compile everything and put it together (delegate), and then come in for final review (do)?

Step 5 - Become the Super-Man of saying no - DELETE anything in DELETE quadrant.  Say NO to anything that is going to end up in the delete quadrant.

By channeling the power of the Eisenhower Matrix, you'll morph from that overworked, underpaid and just miserable attorney into one who can run a business they’re proud of while living a life that’s even better!

Next week we are going to talk about Dunbar’s number and how much you can balance in one life.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

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