The Flux Capacitor of Your Productivity 🚗⏰

Taking a page out of "Back to the Future", remember how the DeLorean needed to hit 88mph at just the right time to time-travel? Similarly, Dan Pink's "When" highlights that our own productivity engines have their optimal moments. Science suggests about 75% of us have more focus and a better analytical mind in the mornings (like Doc Brown's eureka moments) and switch to a more creative gear in the afternoons (akin to Marty McFly's rock-n-roll stints). Set your internal clock and plan your day's journey with these optimal times in mind.

Like I wrote about before (LINK TO IT) we have our report in EOS level 10 style meetings in the morning, and I do all of my coaching in the afternoon.  That way I’m getting the right focus and analytics for the KPIs and you’re getting my best creative ideas on your consulting projects.

Upgrade Your Life.

Okay, so this all sounds good, but you’re wondering how to start making these changes. The first important step was visiting this web page, so congrats! You’re already on the right track. The next crucial step is booking a consulting appointment with me so we can come up with a plan and replicate the results of so many others before you.

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